That's mini me: Bobby!  Click here to download my SSA Affidavit: Denial of Corporate Existance
Respectfully Narrated herewith and hereto itsaid, directly
and to the good ol' of old specifically:

Critical Whistle Blow! hereto below:
Open Notice to Congress assembled;  Please, Click here at Once!
Notice is hereby served:  There is evidence of a massive fraud is being perpetrated on We, the sentient American People, in the application of the Income Tax laws by the Internal Revenue Service.

I Will update these pages as the people still at work in the
IRS / SSA / FTB; or otherwize,
'guv.ment agents';
et. al., struggle in the
Truth itsaid can not seem yet to handle. 

1.  IRS Private Writ in Replevin
USPS Registered Mail: RR 035487844 US
posted August 5th, a.D., 2005: 
Delivered at 11:18 am on August 08, 2005, in San Franciso, CA 94105.
Verified Default: as of Thursday, August 18th, 2005: 11:18 am.

2.  IRS Claim for Additional Damages = $ 16,000 + int.
     Damages accruing @ $1,000/day = $ 25,000 - 9/15
USPS Registered Mail: RR 035487915 US
posted August 9th, Year in Christ, MMV:
Delivered  at 11:10 am on August 11th, 2005, in San Franciso, CA 94105.
Verified Default: as of Sunday, August 21st, 2005: 11:10 am.

3.  Social Security Administration -
     Affidavits in the Public Record:
Denial of Corporate Existence.
SSA Writ of Replevin = $ 133,792.00 + interest.
IRS Violations & Civil Penalties.
D. Affidavit of Withdrawal of SS-5 Application
       E. Notice of Fault and 72-hour Opportunity to Cure 
              Re;  SSA Writ of Replevin
             Delivered 10:56 am on August 15, 2005 in San Francisco, CA 94105
  Verified Default: as of August 19th, 2005.
      F.  NOTICE of DEMAND: 07/11/2007

4.  California Franchise Tax Board:
          Damages = $
18,000 + $1,000/day as of 9/15
A.  Affidavit:  FTB Private Writ in Replevin
                 USPS Registered Mail: RR 035488093 US delivered Aug. 18, a.D. 2005
                                    Verified Default: August 28, a.D. 2005
B.  Claim for Service Rendered = $ 8,500.00.
   USPS: 7005 0390 0001 2147 8959  delivered at 3:58 am on August 02, 2005 in Sacramento, CA 94240
Verified Default: August 12, a.D. 2005
C.  Claim for Additional Damages = $ 200,000.00.
    USPS:  7005 0390 0001 2147 8911 delivered at 6:36 am July 29, 2005 in Sacramento, CA 94240
                                      Verified Default:  August 8, a.D. 2005
D. New! To: Jill Hopkins ~ Administrative Notice of Error: Notice of USPS Interstate Mail Fraud; Final Notice of Verified Default; Claim for Additional Damages.  Aug. 27, a.D. 2005.
   E. To: Gerald H. Goldberg - Notice of Interstate Communication Fraud
   September 1, a.D. 2005

5.   Government Accountability Office: 
  A.  Official Legal Complaint of IRS Agent Misconduct: August 18th, a.D. 2005
    B.  To: Public Affairs Contact, Paul Anderson - Confidential.

6.  Public Complaint against H & R Block, Inc.
    A.  To: Nicholas J. Spaeth , Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer
Date:  July 12, anno Domini 2005: Cert. Mail:  7005 0390 0001 2147 8744
Herewith abides: My private Hold Up in Liberty against very
bad; dark forces still at work in:  th

Manumit, Beloved atoner and atoning kin!

Redeemer, Savior, Christ, Messiah, Masshiach, Moreh Zadok, Teacher of Righteousness, Lord, Atonai, Adonai. The Nazarene. ("Nasrani", the Arab word for the Nasoreans, the followers of Jesus, also means "little fishes." )

We the People stand the Most High law altogether in Awe!
on, mon! 

We recieve Almighty God's First Love, at first.
gaPe: First Spirit's love washes over us: First.
One Hea
rt's first Word: agape. Love, as revealed in Jesus.

One Love, Spoken into the depth under the eternal Seas,
brings fort
h swELLs, ~~~ RiPpLing,
mniscient Waves. Rocking us &RoLLinG us: First.
One Grace, the infinit
e sea surf, undulating;
t Agape Waves crASH UP,
sPLooSHes Lovingly up against, us: We, the created.

e Heart Embroils up against us, and cleanses ~ us: We, the jettys.
agape First washes over, us:  We, the outcroppings.
One Spirit's
agape love first EMBRAces, us!
We the People:  Firs

By One Love'
s GrAcE alone; first, we the People are alive;
Awaken in first Love:
By love's First Cause:  We wash clean; we caress;
we imbibe;
we Embrace; we entune; we atone;
we bounce back and we humbly
ve back to First Cause: Joy! agape.

We Worship by humble return:  th
e One Heart, 
e One Love; the First Embrace: Christ Jesus, the Begotten Love.
By our humble Acceptance; giving forth eternal atoning gratis,
We the People Bless our Soverign Lor
d Most High:  our First Love.

We live within the shadows of the Almighty,
sheltered in the God who is above all god

"Because he has set his love on me,  therefore
I will deliver him.  I will set him on high,
because he has known my name.
Dave: Psalm 91
. Peace.Om: over/Outt.

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;

To him that overcometh
will I give to eat of the hidden manna,
and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written,
which no man knoweth saving he that receivet
h it.
hn: Rev 2:17
Download Privaate Writ in Replevin action againt the IRS to recover my property.  Find out here... Superova Testamenta
One that has no bounds with regard to its quantity, and may be repeated from time to time until the stubbornness of the party is conquered, in order to guarantee specific performance.
IRS Replevin:  Table of Contents.doc
Certificate of Service.doc
FYI :  The word definitions used herein are:

Re-plev-in =
1.  an action to recover private property said or claimed to be unlawfully taken.

2.  The writ or procedure of such an action.

Replevy: to regain possession by writ of replevin.

Bona fide: in Good Faith; genuine

the Evidence or argument that compels the mind to accept an asertion as true;  the genuine article.

lay claim to
To assert one's right to or ownership of
To:  IRS accountants and GAO officials:
Clik here: Be free to dowload the above
Supeona duces tecum
Skipped directly to page: 15;
to begin the IRS Replevy Calculation.
Important Legal Notices of Consequence: 
Please Take Heed. See
Section XXXVII therein Private Writ in Replevin, all.

NOTICE: Respondent's silence and/or otherwise lack of immediate compensatory action to release my property, respond and/or refute herewith Registered security
containing the title:  "Private Writ in Replevin": dated July 29th, a.D. 2005; or otherwise, herewith all Instruments presented in this website, via likewise notarized
counter-affidavit is same said's reconized
prima facie Acceptance by Silence entered into evidence under the accepted rules of stautory construction; decided admittance
to the whole Truth deposed herein and hereby and that:  Fault exits, [at CCC-1201(16)], creating fraud through material misrepresentation that vitiates all forms; contracts; testimony and agreements, etc. expressed or implied from the very beginning, [at CCC-1103].

NOTICE of USPS Mail Fraud: A fivolous response is no response.  A USPS Mail Fraud Report (PS Form No. 8164) is filed to the US Postmaster General via the USPS Postal Inspection Service for each unsolicited; unverified; unsigned and/or otherwise misleading  correspondence deposited via USPS Mail from said IRS personnel at work, as the date of this Notice.  Any correspondence required to be mailed via USPS from said must be subscribed to in wet-ink signature true family name (not psuedo), witnessed and/or Notarized and:

Properly addressed to Me in sealed envelope, written exactly as shown in the letter head herein,  else same said Rightly illumes as aberrant and divergent:

'Flypaper'; a wrongful post; deemed:  (1) Frivolous; (2) Rejected for Cause without Dishonor, and  (3) held in evidence with mailer
against the scheming "Individual(s)" who used the interstate US Mail Service for fraudulent purposes.

Serious liabilities and Penalties assess with each count of USPS Mail Fraud conviction.

See:  Section XXXVII: 
Penalties; therein "Private Supeona duces tecum", for further details.
Affidavit:  IRS Claim for Additional Damages.doc
$ 16,000 + int.
USPS Registered Mail: RR 035487915 US;
posted August 9th, a.D., 2005
Delivered  at 11:10 am on August 11th, 2005, in San Franciso, CA 94105.
Notice of Fault and 72 hour Opportunity to Cure Re:  SSA Writ of Replevin
USPS Registered Mail: RA 893464990 US;
posted August 12th, a.D., 2005
Delivered 10:56 am on August 15, 2005 in San Francisco, CA 94105
Private IRS Writ in Replevin.doc
USPS Registered Mail: RR 035487844 US;
delivered August 8th, a.D., 2005
You be the Judge!
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To:  IRS EMPL ID: 78-00088;

Public Notice of verified Default!

Re: Administrative Notice of Error:
May 17th, a.D. 2005

USPS Cert. Mail:  7004 0750 0000 5472 8250
delivered at 5:46 pm on May 20, 2005 in FRESNO, CA 93888;
signed for by R KIFER.
e-Mail RobBob!
Sunflower pOwer!
Abides: My private

Action to Withstand
(anon.) IRS & FTB agents who
claims under false 'COLOR of LAW'!
!! Freedom alert !!
Liberty's BaLLs
are BonG!ing! loudly!
in the Marketplace!
Wisdom cries aloud in the Streets!!

Herewithin all:
Replevy the S.o.B.$!
Ab Initio
Many e-mbedded links are underlined herein this webpage.
Just CLICK on what
seems interesting to You!  Om.Aum ...

Click HERE for CURRENT Social Security Administration
Herewithin and therewith all:

Material e-published herein is published freely,
joyously and in the high Spirits Worship;
in the Truth and in the Siprit;
entrusting in the one perfect law of Liberty;
abiding in the one Trust;
embraced all together into the one Love;
loving the one God above all gods.

The Truth expressed herein is hereby declared expressly not meant to lead or damage; anyone; anything; anywhere; anywhen in any way, shape, manner and or

NOTICE:  Private communication to:
IRS Assistant Chief Counsel; CC:SB:7:SF
and to:  John Davies, FTB Chief Counsel

I, the omniscient sentient walking breathing Being;
aka: voice Ident known in the Earth, sounds-like:
"Bob.Beee"; aka: Robert Vincent Crifasi;
RobBob; aka:
withstand rightly within the perfect law of Liberty;
in the common venue;
hereto Exercise my sovereign private Rights
guaranteed to We, the People
within the Remedies at supreme common law.

My said Walk in the Spirit abides altogether entune within
the perfect law of Liberty;
the supreme Kozmic Harmony;
within My absolute Rights and My Liberty
thereby Divinely endowed.

Hereby; and at once, above said
conditionally accepts
IRS / FTB Agent's latest offer
to have me agree with all heretofore misgiving actions
launched by itsaid Agents against
My inherent absolute endowed Liberty & Right to:

Living, breathing, working,
supplicating in the supreme Worship;
in My au Naturel Spirit,
My altogether Being:

I hereby conditionally accept said agent's offer
to have me agree to said liability, when none exists.

I maintain that I am not "made liable" under Title 26 IRC. 
There is no argument. 
I have diligently researched said Title and if I owe a tax,
I'll pay it - I've looked for
It and I can't find It.
That doesn't mean that it's not there,
just that I can't find
It, and I've looked.

Please show me where it says I owe it,
and I'll pay it today.

If I am incorrect, please provide the following
so that I may comply:
I will comply forthright and in Good Faith, at once,
conditioned upon the Simple Respect
at the Common law and
the simple-Simon production of the already said
Bona fide claim;
the Actual good faith,
factual material Instruments in hand,
ab initio.

Simply said,
Justly produce the reasonable bi-lateral fully disclosed
Binder that which compels
the rightful common sensed mind
to accept said assertion is the true genuine article and;
which is placed into Evidence in the Fair witness
to the reasonable sensibility of the Jury of my peers:

Indeed:  Rightly,
hand over the Factual binder
altogether with the common Proofs of the Same
else, and/or otherwise: 

Said IRS / FTB agent is acting willfully outlaw;
well beyond the lawful authority; legal jurisdiction
and or otherwise;
outside said scope of office.

The true Fact stands; the above said is a
serious offence:

Otherwise:  Rightly authenticate the Bona fide;
living, voluntarily signed;
the fully disclosed; live wet inked contract;
the Duly authorized deposition of it
said authority;
the one Live agreement and/or said signed debt obligation,
and the heretofore, only
presumed and already refuted
verifiable attachment to me; as mentioned above.

Simply withstand itsaid itself to produce same;
shew forth; bring forth and enter same into evidence:
before taking any action against me.

Where is the simple common Bond on Distress that indemnifies said otherwise wrongful acts;
brings into the Light of Discovery the Proof of
said bona fide Claim of the Agent's Brag?

Evidentiate the Good Faith claim to the Booty
taken in the Lands and to the seized
Pork Prize hauled on the Seas.

Let the Jury see; feel; touch and substantiate
the hard and true Evidence of
itsaid's claim
there exists itsaid's superior claim,
from in-the.very first-place:

Otherwise:  Heretofore, to same Agents:
Rightly justify
i'said's so right to lay claim to
the un/injust enjoyment of
my Endowments and
itsaid's deFacto right to lay claim to the just ownership;
to the ill-gotten, mis-taken enrichment by extortion of my EnJOYment of My endowed Liberty and Property,
itsaid, otherwize admittedly at Fault, insists:
Belongs to itsaid, alone.

Simply and Rightly produce already said;
said and said entered into the
Evidence in the Public Record or otherwise
said Agent's are demonstratably acting outlaw;
outside said lawful authority and
way beyond legal scope of office;
duly noted hereby.

Simply and Rightly produce same said:
The Statue at Large; the implenting regulation;
the Bona fide
proof of itsaid jurisdiction
that grants liability presumed unrebutted
upon my created free liiving Being. and
itsaid's stand to lie, that Itsaid is;
the  deFacto 'holder in due course';
the deFacto '
secured party of interest';
the said registered
Owner of the MSO
to the Almighty's masterpiece:
My endowed Birth Right and
My private Property.

The One Simple answer: 
Accept the first
Right and Be free,
or be involutarily subjugated by 'bullies' to
'believe' their inferior
bogus not-right.

Herein Abides and Prevails: The one living Proof!
Abiding within the perfect law of Liberty
where the Almighty Creator prevails!

Grok!  Eat!  Share Water; never Thirst!

Notice: Respondent's verifieable Default occurs and thereby Fault
exits exsctly ten (10) days herewith-after
verifiable receipt via USPS Registered Mail: RR 035487844 US;
posted August 5th, Year in our Lord,  2005:
delivered Aug. 8th: in default - Aug. 18th.

RobBob: Peace.Om: roll on Over // 'n In.
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Power of Attorney
To:  IRS Area Assistant Chief Counsel:

160 SPEAR ST, 9th FL., SF CA 94105

Official Legal Complaint of IRS Agent Misconduct
August 18th, a.D. 2005

To: GAO Public Affairs Contact, Paul Anderson - Confidential.

To:  Bill Beard, TAS - September 11, a.D. 2005
< < < < < the Republic > > > > > >
The Very first Spirit, is the Very first Right; the ab Initio Entune and the Joy Intoned; the First and everlasting; the Word, everpresent:  Infinite & Instantent; the First & Ongoing Word.spoke. 

First Love revved vibes down at Points in; on; at Use Alive in:  Light ~ Let therevermore Be, the Visible light. 

The almighty Gong; the eternal Om; the Aum; the sacred Word; the omnipresent Entune, thrum, strum and a whirr ~ Let there
Be: The Light.

The Omniscient sustains the Allmatter; the Allife; in the Alltime verily, right before everyone's witness; right hook'd Up with the Earth's sentient, breathing kindred's Intelligent fair witness's in everbody's finite 12 lbs. of jelly stuck in the Orb stuck atop every body!  One finite min-ute convergence harmonized in the Cosmos, called by earth Shrinks:
Private perception... i.e.;

The infinite Renewer speaks the Word omni-tonally: 
The very Vibe, the Aliveness, enliving: 
Right this fukin', in the Now, and again, trippin' now! 
Ring on out in the Omni.hues, the True colors washed; baptized in the right.light first bathed; washed clean; the Baptism; the Baptized; the Emblazement infused ruth  

Altogether, althroughout the eternal Convergence, converging at point; light intoned; verily baptized vibes down to the physical plane in the supreme Plan: the ultimate God's Omagination manifest and sustains  matter  at.this.very.Blessed mom-ent:  Now & now and now and/or otherwize, in the Now. 

So, now You know, we

the Altogther finite, raw; nude;  the au Natural & the State of nature.  Buff, in the Native buff; the Omagnificient nakedness; in the Raw birthday suite:  Alcreation:  Aleverywhere:  Aleverywhen.. 

Infinte enlive instant to infinite Instant alive in Eternity to infinte instant

poise together in the Magnificent spirit:   Redeem!  .  Called out in 

Check back herein, often:  Word; commin' at'ch ya..

I:  Me:  Myself:  My mother's voice.intone to sup & sip,  Bobby;  aka:  Robert Vincent John Crifasi;  aka:  RobBob; aka:

Named Faithful and True; Sealed in John's Revelation 2:17; ~
surrender ~ do hereinafter e-publish and x-press, privately; humbly and compassionately; online and for all People everywhere, everywhen to read; Grok; eat and enJOY!:  

Same said claims and reserves, ad Infinitum:  My absolute Liberty and Rights, Be:  Am;  Are: standing; heretofore endowed in omniscient Grace; humbly;  thereby; herein and herewith for all and in time:  Infinite. 

Claimed once:  Everywhere:  Everywhen;  in Sacrosanct name:  Alpha!  The Christ:  Jesus!  The Omniscient living Spirit Heart:  Agape in love!  Omega!

Maranatha, Lord.... Hallelujah!
common (C): Year in Christ, 2005:  MMV
1.3" White stone, glazed sky blue, etched dove and giving hands ~ surrender ~ on flip side.  Manifest to me omnisciently in a.D. 1994, at Hayward, California, Sutro Street compound.
All absolute Rights Claimed and reserved without Prejudice; abiding within the perfect law of Liberty,
where our God above all gods prevails!
Common law copyright (c) Year in Christ, MMVII
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