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Right Click and download these greAt Photos!  These make excellent desktop wallpaper... Thanks, TOM!
Tom Smith snapped these photos while on VACATION from the HeadEnd!!!
Tom Smith, Aerial Photographer, gave us these photos to enJOy!  Click on them to view the larger image!
Yellow Shirt!
You Bet I Did
State Marijuana Penalties

Like Rugers?  Click here to download these classics... THANKS, Tim Howell!!
Big Elk compliments of Frank Gadberry!  Thanks Frank!!
This Beautiful Colt is named 'Acres of Rubies'....Thanks to Shelley Smith!
Dan Hyravy's view of S.F. - Thanks Dan!
This is a Czechoslovakian L-39 Albatross flying over Lakeland FL. This
This is a very historic plane. The Douglas C-47, known to many as the DC-3.  This one was one of 177 C-47's in the lead formation that dropped troops from the 101st Airborne behind Utah and Omaha beaches on June 6th 1941,D-Day. This plane retuned three more times this day, penetrating Hitler's fortress. Its history continued from there to include flights going over the hump into Berlin, the Berlin Airlift. Quite a bit of history.
This is a shot of 2 North American Aviation F-86 Korean War vintage fighters. The closest one is flown by Dale Snodgrass, he recently retired from the US Navy as commander of the Atlantic Fleet of F-14 Tomcats. The second one is flown by Mike Keenan who owns the business named Orthoscope, it is an orthopedic medical facility.
This is a shot of a F4U-5 Corsair. Made famous to most by the TV series staring Robert Conrad "Baa Baa Blacksheep". Taken from the waist gunner position of a B-25 WWII Bomber.
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